ABOMINABLE AURAL ATTACK! was a radio show hosted by Mike II and Lloyd every Saturday from 2-4 PM. Our attempt was to bombard listeners with punk/hardcore/crust/sludge/power violence/total noise. Our first broadcast was February 20th, 2010. Our last broadcast was December 18th, 2010. Below are our playlists of that 10 month period, and a great one it was. Stay punk and Distort Everything!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The End Of @@@!

So we have decided to bring the ABOMINABLE AURAL ATTACK!, formerly pirate turned internet, radio show to an end. Life just wasn't allowing enough room for it in our lives. Perhaps one day in the future we will have a show with similar content. Who knows. To those of you who listened, we greatly appreciate it. Stay punk and always DISTORT EVERYTHING!!!

-Mike II and Lloyd

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Launch Attack! #35 XII.XVIII.MMX

Crass - What Do You Want
Disfear - Religion
Lie - Sense Of Value
Gauze - ????
War Hero - Dropped
Totalitar - Han Blir Som Er
The Freeze - Nazi Fun
Lebenden Toten - C.O.N.T.R.O.L.
Gouka - Fuck Off All
Civil Rights - My War

Propagandhi - Technocracy
Masskontroll - Winds of Genocide
Neurosis - Common Inconsistencies
Bastard - Shikabane
Schifosi - Nescience
Axegrinder - War Machine

Bone Awl - Make For Yourself A Last Vision
Avail - Sidewalks
The Avengers - Open Your Eyes
Iconoclast - Eleventh Hour
Los Olvidados - Listen To You
Snuff Film - The Actor
The Observers - Lead Pill

Fingerprint - Unlimited
Kurt - Stayed Too Long
Anasarca - So Tell Me
Anomie - Acception
Cave In - Programmed Behind

Exclaim - Wild Youth
Deformed Conscience - System Of Chains
Huasipungo - No Quiero En Ir
Look Back And Laugh - Street Terrorism/Step Forward
Aus Rotten - Tuesday May 18th, 1993
Eyes - Disneyland
Assfort - You Can't Read A Book By It's Cover
Nomad - Kogeki Kaisha
Tempere SS - Pikku-Mako

Logical Nonsense - Red Knuckles
Cattlepress - Leech. Give Me Your Pretty Face.
Pissed Happy Children - Moron League
Killing Joke - Complications
Suicidal Tendencies - Possessed

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Launch Attack! #34 XII.IV.MMX

Man is the Bastard - Freak Machine
The Teen Idles - Too Young to Rock
Swing Kids - Disease
Nigel Pepper Cock - The Punk Song
Guyana Punch Line - No Contest
Disrupt - Mindlock
Deadguy - The Extremist

Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction
Born Against - Eulogy
GBH - Knife Edge
Totalitar - Sin Egen Motstandare
Krigshot - Knullad Av Knarket
JFA - Tentpeg
Jawbreaker - Equalized
Reagan Youth - USA
Vitamin X - Ripped Its Past
Icons Of Filth - Fucked Up State

Cattlepress - Celebration of Wounds (Greetings from My Gut... )
Lack of Interest - Forced Attitude
Dead Kennedys - This Could Be Anywhere (This Could Be Everywhere)
Lebenden Toten - Small Ears Only Hear
Deformed Conscience - Halo Effect
Logical Nonsense - Social Delusion
Code 13 - Doomed Society

Tragedy - The Ending Fight
Minor Threat - In My Eyes
86 Mentality - Blood Red Violence
Septic Death - The Evolution Garden
Lip Cream - Johnny He's Never Die
Age - Survive
Misfits - Skulls
Dystopia - Ignorance Of Pride
Government Issue - Blending In

Chokehold - Anchor
Bad Brains - Pay to Cum
Loser Life - Angry at the Rain
Scream - Came Without Warning
Embrace - No More Pain
Jellyroll Rockheads - He Told Like This
Adolescents - Welcome to Reality
Excruciating Terror - Life Ends

The Damned - New Rose
Battletorn - Reversed
Propagandhi - Resisting Tyrannical Governments
Assfort - Bell.Money.God.
DS-13 - Fukk The Cops
Kaaos - Vakivalkan Uhrit
Loutish - Victim Of A Raid Of Death
Havaistys - Mun Elama
Fear Of Tomorrow - Profit From Misery

Distort Everything.... Transmission Fail.///

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Launch Attack! #33 XI.XXVII.MMX

Note: After a 3 week break... WE'RE BACK!!! [Hey, i was here the week before last..... - ll.]

~Mike II
Crass - Women/ Securior
Tempere SS - Painajainen Olohuoneessa
Anti Cimex - Time To...?
Tuomiopaivan Lapset - Eu-Taivas
Neurosis - Nonsense
Black Flag - Depression
Screeching Weasel - Mary Was An Anarchist
Hellnation - Destroy Authority
Man Is The Bastard - Tyke

Die Kreuzen - Rumors
Acephalix - Rectal Grave
Misery - Puke
Totalitär - Frihet Utan Ansvar
Nuklear Blast Suntan - Intelligent Design
IabhorHer - Processed Bliss
Teen Cthulhu - Fucking with Death
Shikabane - What Do You Take Responsibility This My Suffering?
Crossed Out - Selfserve

Nerveskade - Outside Of Society
Majestic Four - Broken Is Dead
Terveet Kadet - Pushed Too Far
State Of Fear - Bloodthirsty System
Ripcord - Live By The Bomb... Die By The Bomb
Atrocious Madness - Absurd Reality
Doom - Diseased
The Stalin - ???
Extreme Noise Terror - Use Your Mind
Mob 47 - Karnvapen Attack

Dystopia - Diary of a Battered Child
Wolfpack - Global Lunacy
Spirit of Radio - Calvin Pissing on Calvin Pissing
D.R.I. - Bailout
Spazz - WWF Rematch at the Cow Palace
Septic Death - Burial
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Ejector Seat
Disclose - Future Extinction
Assfactor 4 - Dear Grampa / Burger Rock

Born Against - Born Again
The Dils - I Hate The Rich
Gauze - Power
Antischism - Greedy Bastards
Protesti - Systeemin Vanki
Disrupt - An End To White Rule
Detestation - Twilight Of My Sanity
Pisschrist - Run For Your Life
Dead Kennedys - Moon Over Marin

Negative Approach - Whatever I Do
One Eyed God Prophecy - End of the Story
Circle Jerks - Coup d'Etat
Hiatus - Overwhelmed
Hybride - Pleure
Killing Joke - This Tribal Antidote

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Launch Attack! #32 XI.XIII.MMX

Crossed Out - Internal
Born Against - The Good Father
Sheep Squeeze - Rich Punk
Slaughter - Disintegrator / Incinerator
Brutal Truth - Media Blitz
Fear - Let's Have a War
Swarrrm - What is Your Name?
Cripple Bastards - Italia di Merda
EYEHATEGOD - Children of God
Massive Meat Split - Quaiddd Start the Reactor
O.L.D. - Wisdom Lost

Dead Kennedys - I Kill Children
Butcher ABC - Butchered at Birthday
Mammoth Grinder - Devoured by Fear
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack
Samhain - He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named
Terrorizer - Corporation Pull-In
Youth of Today - One Family
Doom - Drowning in the Mainstream
Propagandhi - The Banger's Embrace
Fingerprint - Utopia

Siege - Sad But True
Detestation - Nocturnal Fear
Slaughter Strike - Carnal Promises
Ringworm - Justice Replaced by Revenge
Siren - Becoming Wheels
Shedwellaz - Necronomicon
Agents of Satan - Agents / No Less
Devo - Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA

Neos - No Tyme 4 Romance
Sairaat Mielet - Rajana Elama
Guyana Punch Line - Papertrail
Tragedy - You are an Experiment
Noisecop - D-Beat Powered Aqueduct
Integrity - Systems Overload
Exit-13 - Constant Persistence of Annoyance
PESD - Hyenas
Nerveskade - Terminal
Cathedral - Soul Sacrifice
Virulence - Dead Weight
Godstomper - Old English
Half Man - Candle Stubs
Animal Farm - Mask
Mob 47 - Snutjarter
Capitalist Casualties - Strange Soup
Terror - One with the Underdogs
Anal Cunt - Hey, Aren't You Gary Spivey?

Buckethead - Last Train to Bucketheadland